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Guitarra Acustica Epiphone Mod Special Edition Elvis Presley PR-200 $15,000.00 mn

Imagen 102

Guitarra Acustica Epiphone Modelo Special Edition PR-200 . De Aniversario Elvis Presley. Color negro

ELVIS PRESLEY Elvis #1′s Epiphone Guitar (Likely to be the most limited Elvis promotional item ever, we are proud to offer the chance for you to own this full size black Epiphone accoustic guitar issued to promote the 2002 #1′s release. The truss-rod cover has a facsimile autograph & the black scratchplate bears the large Elvis logo used in the promotion campaign. Housed in a softcase with large ‘Elvis’ text logo on the neck. Complete with Epiphone certificate of authenticity this promotional copy was limited to only 20 copies worldwide – must be the jewel in the crown of any Elvis collection!).

No serie : 008-2002

Estado : Impecable.DSC03159 DSC03160 DSC03162 DSC03163 DSC03164 Imagen 102 Imagen 103 DSC03164


Precio : $15,000.00 mn

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